ITOUCH 4473 & Background Check Technology

ITOUCH 4473  is an Innovative Firearm ATF Form 4473 Digital Touchscreen Technology providing efficient and effective processing of Form 4473 required by ATF in the purchasing of firearms. ITOUCH Digital method of processing allows for the following:                                           

ITOUCH 4473 is delivered through a touch screen application in a POS counter top kiosk.

Background Check Technology

Background Check application for Gun Trade Show Sales. Expedited quickly and seamlessly for easy processing during a Gun Trade Show Firearm Sale. Can be conducted for each individual State for implementation with State Law Enforcement Agency governing Gun Tradeshow Sales.

Electronic RECORDS

Electronic application provides the following features:

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Imagine…..providing cost effective digital processing of Form 4473 with state of the art technology plus added protection against fines or fear of license revocation due to human errors.


Contact us today for your online demonstration of this innovative ATF Form 4473 Digital Processing Method or the Gun Trade Show Background Technology.