ITOUCH TECHNOLOGY (ITOUCH) is one of the leading providers of integrated digital applications for the HUNTING & FISHING SPORTS INDUSTRY. Providing digital touchscreen applications for FEDERAL FIREARM LICENSED DEALER'S, FIRING RANGES, GUN TRADE SHOWS AND HUNTING & FISHING RETAIL STORES.

Offering clients high-resolution, easy-to-read, color digital displays with interactive touchscreen technology and "real time" digital advertising. These interactive software applications offer ATF Form 4473 processing, hunting and fishing licensing and firing range reservation system with compatible mobile application. All delivered via networked, digital touchscreen displays.

ITOUCH helps businesses succeed in the new era of digital economy. With an ongoing combination of consulting, creativity, design, and engineering expertise, ITOUCH enables businesses to gain and sustain market leadership by implementing complete multi-media business solutions. All kiosk digital displays are managed through a secured network of servers and monitored on a continual 24/7 basis with immediate remote updating and repair capability.

ITOUCH developed and tested the functional state-of-the-art interactive touchscreen applications and they are ready for launch and deployment in the market place.

ITOUCH continually encourages the formation of alliances with existing POS SOFTWARE entities to create "state of the art" digital POS applications.

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